The CAADRIA 2021 Project Exhibition constitutes a selection of original high-quality projects presenting current computer-aided architectural design and research applications, accommodating a broad spectrum of approaches ranging from speculative, informal investigations to concrete work from praxis. Showcasing the industry’s tendencies and the latest developments in the architectural field related to computational design, the projects were selected and curated according to relevance to the Conference’s topics and context.

Lyric Theatre Complex

UNStudio (Hong Kong, 2018)

OPPO Flagship Store

UNStudio (Guangzhou, China, 2020)

Altered Estates: Common Ground

HKU / Pratt Institute (Hong Kong, 2020)

Stanley Beach House

davidclovers (now plusClover) (Hong Kong, 2012)

Ca’n Terra

Ensamble Studio (Menorca, Spain, 2019)

Foll(i)cle. A Toxi-Cartographic Proposal for Bangkok

Pareid / The Bartlett School of Architecture (Bangkok, Thailand, 2019)

Charlie-Gibbs: Conserving the More-than Human Through Off-shoring Financial Data Centres

Jade Blanchard-McKinley / Studio Otero, Dalkir & Pestellini (London, 2019)

The Silicon Prairie

Matthew Darmour Paul / Studio Otero, Dalkir & Pestellini (London, 2019)

Cultivating Feminism[s]: A cyborg future for the data archive

Helena Francis / Studio Otero, Dalkir & Pestellini (London, 2019)

The Yard of Environmental Sustainability (YES) Pavilion

Adam Fingrut, Darwin Lau, Kristof Crolla (Hong Kong, 2020)


Laboratory for Explorative Architecture & Design Ltd. (LEAD) (Hokkaido, Japan, 2020)


Sulaiman Al Othman, Jeroen van Ameijde (Kuwait, 2018)


Dagmar Reinhardt, Lian Loke (Sydney, Australia, 2021)

Asymptotic Building Envelope

Eike Schling, Muye Ma, Chih-Lin Hsu (Hong Kong, 2021)

Current: Platform for Urban Archive

Provides Ng, Eli Joteva, Artem Konevskikh, Ya Nzi (Hong Kong / Russia / LA / Bulgaria, 2021)