Young Caadria Awards

The Young CAADRIA Awards are funded by CAADRIA, and include sponsorship of conference registration fees and a certificate presented during the conference. Applications are open to full or part-time registered students (PhD-, PG-, or UG-students), applications have been be made after having received a notification of full paper acceptance. The awards have been allocated by committee jointly formed by CAADRIA, the Paper Selection Committee, and the Conference Host and will be based on the merit the paper, contribution and relevance to CAADRIA and demonstrated depth of research interest. More information regarding the Young Caadria Awards can be found on the CAADRIA website.


Osman Alsalman – Simon Fraser University

Paper 399: Design Analytics and Data-Driven Collaboration in Evaluating Alternatives
Osama Alsalman, Halil Erhan, Alyssa Haas, Ahmed M. Abuzuraiq and Maryam Zarei

Jayedi Aman – University of Missouri

Paper 216: Optimizing Container Housing Units for Informal Settlements
Jayedi Aman, Nusrat Tabassum, James Hopfenblatt, Jong Bum Kim and MD Obidul Haque

Dingwen Bao – RMIT University

Paper 110: SwarmBESO: Multi-Agent and Evolutionary Computational Design Based on the Principles of Structural Performance
Dingwen Bao, Xin Yan, Roland Snooks and Yi Min Xie

Jielin Chen – National University of Singapore

Paper 039: Hierarchical (Multi-Label) Architectural Image Recognition and Classification
Jielin Chen, Rudi Stouffs and Filip Biljecki
Paper 038: From Exploration to Interpretation: Adopting Deep Representation Learning Models to Latent Space Interpretation of Architectural Design Alternatives
Jielin Chen and Rudi Stouffs

Muhammad Hegazy – Osaka University

Paper 098: Validating Game Engines as a Quantitative Daylighting Simulation Tool
Muhammad Hegazy, Kensuke Yasufuku and Hirokazu Abe

Wanyu Pei – Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen)

Paper 261: Detecting Virtual Perception Based on Multi-Dimensional Biofeedback: A Method to Pre-Evaluate Architectural Design Objectives
Wanyu Pei, Xiangmin GuoO and TianTian Lo

Kihoon Son – Hanyang University

Paper 151: A Framework for Multivariate Data Based Floor Plan Retrieval and Generation
Kihoon Son and Kyung Hoon Hyun


Best Paper Award:

Pok Yin Leung, Aleksandra Anna Apolinarska, Davide Tanadini, Fabio Gramazio, Matthias Kohler

Paper 124: Automatic Assembly of Jointed Timber Structure Using Distributed Robotic Clamps

Best Paper Award – Runner Up:

Kazunosuke Ikeno, Tomohiro Fukuda and Nobuyoshi Yabukio

Paper 117: Can a Generative Adversarial Network Remove Thin Clouds in Aerial Photographs?


Best Presentation Award:

Julian Jauk, Hana Vašatko, Lukas Gosch, Ingolf Christian, Anita Klaus and Milena Stavric

Paper 282: Digital Fabrication of Growth: Combining Digital Manufacturing of Clay with Natural Growth of Mycelium

Best Presentation Award – Runner Up:

Chun Yu Ma and Jeroen van Ameijde

Paper 251: Participatory Housing: Discrete Design and Construction Systems for High-Rise Housing in Hong Kong