The Yard of Environmental Sustainability (YES) Pavilion

Adam Fingrut, Darwin Lau, Kristof Crolla (Hong Kong, 2020)

The Yard of Environmental Sustainability (YES) Pavilion is a design and construction project linking architecture, mechanical engineering automation, structural engineering, industry contractors and environmental initiatives. The pavilion is a unique and premiere example of a permanent brick structure developed via computational tools and an automated parallel cable robot system, created by a multi-disciplinary team of researchers. The project uncovers the many workflow advantages found with computational design solutions linked with prevision robotic construction. Using conventional construction materials, YES Pavilion is a pioneer in completing a full-scale construction, carried out by parallel cable robot.

The design illustrates the types of code-compliant structures that are possible when linking computational design. The team has partnered with local contractors and structural engineers to help realize the project and mitigate the transition from laboratory prototypes into a real-world full-scale construction project. The YES Pavilion is envisioned as a campus public space and recycling drop off location. Eight storage spaces accommodate the same volume of materials as standard recycling boxes for clothing, batteries, electronics, free library, printer cartridges, vinyl, paper and glass. The project is part of a broader campus sustainability initiative to promote a responsible material use, recycling and a green environment. The construction will also embody this philosophy through its efficient use of environmentally compliant materials and light impact upon the construction site.

Project Credits: Adam Fingrut, Darwin Tat Ming Lau, Kristof Crolla, Yuen Shan Chan, Chun Ming Leung, Sabrina Wai Yi Lam, Chun Keung Kwok, Paul Hung Hon Cheng, Dong Chen, Emil Svantesson, Calum Perey, Jake Tang, Heng Jiang, Klisz Julien

Construction Sequence 01
Construction Sequence 02
Construction Sequence 03
Gripper Detail