While we had hoped to be able to welcome the entire CAADRIA community in person in Hong Kong, the conference will held online in response to the the current global retrictions regarding international travel. The format will be a hybrid between different online platforms, combining zoom webinars and meeting sessions, social interaction platform and an on-line exhibition. The conference will be accessible from anywhere in the world: presenters will participate in live paper presentation and discussions sessions, and conference guests will be able to join the paper sessions, roundtable discussions and keynote lecture events.

Online Presentations and Networking

The main conference will be four days long and will consist of a series of talks and debates combined with parallel academic research paper presentation sessions. All presentations will be accessible via an online platform and it is antipated that a large proportion of paper presenters will be presented from location all around the world. The conference will be complemented by online social events and networking sessions, and a digital exhibition of posters and workshop outcomes.

Conference Organisation and Host

The organising committee and team behind the CAADRIA 2021 conference will be broadcasting live from the School of Architecture at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Some Hong Kong based speakers and roundtable participants will join us at our digital recording studio, and conference guests will be treated to a few more suprises and events streamed live from in and around our building!